CEF Calls Transport 2015 - How to apply


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Connecting Europe Facility: European cofinancing for transport, energy and telecom infrastructure

Through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Europe contributes to the most important transport, energy and telecom infrastructure in the member states. On November, 5. 2015 the European Commission published the CEF Transport Calls 2015, offering financial support to infrastructure projects on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

The 2015 CEF Transport Calls focus on horizontal actions concerning greening of transport, innovation and telematics projects. Furthermore projects on Motorways of the Sea, multimodal platforms and the development of urban nodes are eligible for financial aid. CEF Transport project applications concerning railway networks and transport (including ERTMS) and aviation (including ATM and SESAR) are covered by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Mobility and Transport.

Project applications on innovation and greening of transport which involve several Belgian regions are covered by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Mobility and Transport as well.

What - Four project calls

Four project calls have been published, for a total amount of €7,562 billion. Due to a large reservation for cohesion countries, only three of these calls are applicable for Belgium, for a total amount of €1,090 billion. Application is possible for works, studies and pilot project.

Flemish project promoters can apply to following grant envelopes:

  • Innovation and making transport greener: €60 million
  • Safe and Secure Infrastructure: €15 million
  • River Information Services: €10 million
  • ITS Road: €70 million
  • Motorways of the Sea: €130 million
  • Urban nodes: €50 million
  • Multimodal platforms: €40 million

To determine whether or not your project is eligible for financial aid and what the terms and conditions of the application entail, information is available on these websites:

How - The procedure for applications in Flanders

CEF Transport project applications have to be approved by the member state involved before being submitted to the EU. Validation requires conformity tests to the priorities and criteria as determined in the calls of the European Commission. In accordance with the regional competences in transport and infrastructure, all CEF projects implemented in Flanders require approval of the Flemish regional government.

On December, 2. 2015 a Flemish Infoday was held in Brussels, to explain the application procedure for projects in Flanders. There are bounding guidelines regarding the cost-benefit analysis and the availability of the necessary environmental declarations. Click for more on this subject in the presentation of the Flemish Info Day (.pdf, 1.194 kB) and for the CBA and environmental guidelines.

Timing of the applications is essential. Therefore this overview of the most important deadlines for Flanders.

Deadlines (binding)

  • At the latest December, 18. 2015: announcement/registration of all Flemish project proposals to the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works - concept phase. Click for the concept form.
  • At the latest January, 5. 2016: request of an EIA declaration, Natura 2000 environmental declaration and Water Framework Directive from the qualified Flemish authorities.
  • At the latest January, 19. 2016: submission of the complete application folder to the Department of Mobility and Public Works for revision and signature.
  • At the latest February, 16. 2016: submission of the complete application folder to the European Commission - INEA.

Attention: when the scope of a project extends to several countries, all countries involved have to agree to and sign the project proposal. The abovementioned deadlines are applied in Flanders but can differ for other public services. We recommend to inquire about the deadlines of all countries involved as soon as possible.

Submission to the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works does not mean automatic approval, the final decision on approval is taken by Flemish minister Ben Weyts, in charge of Mobility and Public Works.

The Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works cannot guarantee signature of project applications submitted after the above-mentioned deadlines.


By June 2016 (indicative timing) the decision on which projects are to receive CEF grants is made on a European level.

For specific project related questions, you can turn to one of the representatives of the Department of Mobility and Public Works mentioned below.


General Information:
Heleen Claes, EU-projectassistent
cef@mow.vlaanderen.be of 02 553 15 27.

Olivier Vandersnickt, TEN-T coördinator
olivier.vandersnickt@mow.vlaanderen.be of 02 553 71 19.

Pim Bonne, advisor (Projects concerning ports, waterways and maritime transport)
pim.bonne@mow.vlaanderen.be of 02 553 62 51.

Societal cost-benefit analysis and standard methodology:
Brecht Van De Voorde, policy officer Ports and Logistics
brecht.vandevoorde@mow.vlaanderen.be of 02 553 77 69.

Federal contact:
Laurent Demilie

Walloon Contact:
Pascal Moens